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December 10, 2019 02:43

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90% Of Humans To Die In 31 Years

Today: Where Did Life Come From, Climate Hoax, Pluto, Connected Life, Solar Panels, Solar Framing, Creativity, Black Holes Solar Panel Farm Grows 17,000 Tons Of Food Without Soil, Pesticides, Fossil Fuels Or Groundwater SCIENTISTS: PLUTO MAY BE HIDING ALIEN LIFE IN BURIED OCEANS Harvard Scientists: Radiation From Black Holes May Create Life Harvard

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Facebook Buys Stolen Passwords; A 10-Digit Key Code to Your Private Life: Your Cellphone Number

Why can’t Facebook admit that its fake news problem changed the election? New Research Suggests That Time Runs Backwards Inside Black Holes; The solar powered grill that stores the sun’s energy for fuel-free grilling every night; Bill Gates Start Up To Ensure Drones Rule The World While Apple Bets Its Futures On Augmented Reality; Mystery: […]

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