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October 14, 2019 10:50

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How Does Netflix Make So Much Money?

Today: Biometrics, Biometric Sports Tickets, Cloud, Cloud Computing, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, IBM, Gender Neutral. Tomboy, Startup Scaling Microsoft Tops Amazon In Q1 Cloud Revenue, $6.0 Billion To $5.44 Billion; IBM Third At $4.2 Billion How Does Netflix Make So Much Money? The economics of taking billion-dollar bets on content How To

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100 Most Valuable Global Brands; Avoid Link Sharing on Facebook; What Truly Makes a Billionaire

Mythbusters: 5 misplaced beliefs about voice biometrics; Sorry Teens, Your Tinder Party Is Over; Email Subject Lines: Think Beyond the Normal Strategy; Uber’s CEO is so confident in his company that he’s let his driver’s license expire; Google’s Project Tango becomes just ‘Tango’ without .com; Digital on SMBs’ Minds? Maybe Not So Much; Why I […]

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