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February 17, 2020 00:36

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Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran on Big Obstacles and Bigger Mistakes

PLUS: For One Day Only, Uber Delivers Personal Chefs On-Demand; 23 Campaigns Every Startup Should Run to Gain Immediate Traction; This Is What Robots Will Be Doing in 2025; Why Is My Download Speed Slower Than the Internet I Pay For? How Apple is About to Reinvent Wearables and Is Apple Losing its Creative Mojo? […]

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Google Likely a Trillion Dollar Company; Barbara Corcoran Has Money To Invest In You

PLUS: French Blogger Fined; Packing (kind of domain ends up at Hilco); Dollar Shave is How To Make A Viral Video that SELLS; Belong Anywhere— Airbnb’s new mark and identity inspired by the community, symbolizing a world where doors are always open. A world where you can belong anywhere. (oh boy the sharing economy […]

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Netflix Co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings is Now A Billionaire; Apple Jacks Headphone Port

PLUS:  Evernote’s Phil Libin Says Wearable Devices Will Force a Change;Don’t Sell It, Storytell It; Amtrak to Launch High-Speed Wi-Fi Network; GoDaddy Files for IPO as Founder Steps Down as Executive Chairman; Koch Brothers’ Koch Industries Begins First National Ad Campaign  (begins??? World’s richest men got there by NOT advertising); Not learning from AOL fail, […]

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6 Etsy Sellers that Have Made $600,000 by Selling Phone Cases Online

Domains are not the center of the universe. As Etsy proves, there are millions of ways to make 6-7 figures online no domain even required. PLUS… Barbara Cocoran just wants to have fun! The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations Of The Future; Noncompete Clauses Increasingly Pop Up in Array of Jobs (freelancers pay attention) even after AOL […]

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C Alumni Barbara Corcoran Explains The Difference Between Salespeople Making $40K a Year Versus $8 Million A Year

PLUS: Edible Water Bottles to Tackle Plastic Menace? DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg thinks the windowing model of feature films will become a “pay by the inch you watch.”; Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets; Homeland Security struggles to tempt, retain cyber talent (this should have one worried… and Yes, we all do it, […]

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NASA wants to land something big on Mars: Will a flying saucer help?

PLUS: World’s Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Is Coming to Kickstarter; Barbara Corcoran’s 5 Tips For Investing In Crowdfunded Startups; $800 Million Penalty for Bank of America Credit Card Practices; Marc Benioff: Thank You for Fifteen Awesome Years! Why All Business Is Personal and…  The future of “Made in America” could be Tesla, not Ford The […]

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