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August 25, 2019 02:29

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Nine ways to Thanksgiving : Is your domain name a real turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving. Today marks the official beginning of the Holiday Season, and domain investors will soon be shopping for hot deals across the Internet, or fighting at retail stores to get the latest TV sets and games consoles. Going shopping for presents requires one thing: making more money than what you spend. Domain renewals can […]

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Spamhaus July 2016 update : The 10 most abused TLDs

Spamhaus generates and publishes a variety of lists, in an effort to fight back at malicious content and spam related to domain names, IP addresses and web sites. A new list that was released by Spamhaus, updates the top 10 most abused domain TLDs. Says Spamhaus: “Top Level Domain (TLD) registries which allow registrars to […]

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Domainer LASIK : Big disappointment for domain investor

Claudius Figgins spent the best part of his teenage years as a bespectacled, scrawny young man. Now in his mid 20’s, Figgins is facing life’s changes with a bold outlook. “I always wanted to look buff and handsome, like the kids I grew up with,” said Claudius Figgins, a San Diego resident. “So I started […]

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