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February 17, 2020 16:17

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Super Bowl XLIX Ads: Wix is In; Will 2015 Be The Year The World Meets Uniregistry and Domain Name Sales

In January, you’ll have to pay to reach your customers on Facebook;How to Become a Leader in Your Industry Using Social Media; AwesomenessTV Plans Subscription Business (this is what happens when big companies like DreamWorks acquires startups- what made them Awesome was that they were FREE!); Who Owns the Dashboard? Apple, Google or the Automakers? […]

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Google Predicts The Best Days Are Still Ahead; Facebook Doesn’t Call Them ‘Users’ Anymore

Here’s How You Can Ruin Your Career at the Holiday Office Party; Tim Berners-Lee: Take to the streets to protect open web; Creating tools and algorithms that unlock the power of living cells – Next at Microsoft; Mensch on a Bench: from Kickstarter to ‘Shark Tank’ in Two Years; Hearst Buys 25% of YouTube Network […]

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Frank Schilling Closes June Selling PlanetHistory (.com) TO A&E- Why It’s Not dot TV and Full June Results

Frank Schilling wasn’t bullish on dotTv and blogged about it here. he didn’t buy many because, like me, he knew TV was going to become the FAX of watching content. But every show would need a name and great dotCOM names would stand the test of time.  Hence the large profitable and lucrative to A&E’s History […]

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