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January 19, 2020 16:07

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Austria’s TLD takes more nuanced approach to GDPR and Whois

ccTLD will treat personal and corporate data differently. A common interpretation of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that it applies to individuals who live in Europe but not businesses there. Still, most models I’ve seen for Whois compliance post-GDPR treat all types of registrants the same. Austria’s .at top level domain is taking […]

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Sedo sells more than $1 million of .AT domains in auction

I didn’t have this seven-figure auction on my radar. Is this the sleeper auction of the year? I certainly didn’t expect an Austrian ccTLD auction to be one of the biggest of the year. But it certainly turned out that way. Sedo auctioned off more than 1,000 short .AT domain names this month for over […]

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One and two-letter .at domains coming soon will next month start selling .at domains shorter than three character domains for the first time. All one-character and two-character domains will be released, the ccTLD registry said, about 5,000 domains in total. The released domains include those containing any of the 34 non-Latin letters supports, it said. Holders of trademarks valid in […]

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