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December 14, 2018 23:48

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Two Australian domain name companies were just hit with close to $2M AUD in fines

ZDNet published a story yesterday about two Australian domain registrars that were hit with close to $2M AUD in fines for scamming their customers. It’s one of the reasons why you should always pay careful attention to any bill you get related to domain names because while sometimes mistakes do happen, scams happen all too […]

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Aussie gov refuses to spill the beans on ICANN vice chair’s firing

The Australian government has refused to release documents concerning alleged “financial irregularities” at local ccTLD manager auDA that have been linked to the firing of former CEO Chris Disspain. A request under the Freedom of Information Act sought documents detailing Disspain’s March 2016 termination, as well as high levels of travel expenses and apparent under-reporting […]

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Australian Domain Register Pty Ltd fooled domain registrants into .com registrations

Domain Register Pty Ltd is an Australian company, operating a “domain notification” scheme; according to Netregistry Australia, that explains what happened to its customers: “This group seems to have harvested the postal address information of several domain owners and has been sending them domain registration forms disguised as domain renewal forms. The group seem to […]

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AusRegistry : Rebranding to celebrate 30 years of .AU domains

AusRegistry, the Australian domain registry managing the national ccTLD, dot .AU, is rebooting its brand. The change in brand visuals incorporates a star in place of the dot in “.AU” – a brilliant move. Inspiration for the star was sourced from Australia’s national flag, which features them: “The flag of Australia is a defaced Blue […]

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Record $85 Million to Ronaldo; Subway Spokesman Makes $15 Million Eating Sandwiches and It’s Time To Tell The Truth About Domain Name Appraisals

With contributions from Rick Schwartz, Joel Skretvedt, Andrew Hazen, Mike Berkens and Brad Hines.  Featuring… BING maps the world; mother nature’s revenge continues: Apocalyptic’ sandstorm hits Nevada (not Egypt- VEGAS!)… a 27-vehicle pileup; airport delays puking and nose bleeding on 12 hour un-air conditioned tarmac hold (TRAFFIC missed by a week); MacOS X Mavericks .com […]

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