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October 20, 2019 16:09

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Great problem to have : #Asheville domainer meetup breaks restaurant spaces!

The upcoming domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina, is allegedly creating some space problems with the local breweries, cafes and trendy restaurants. Rick Schwartz‘s latest “solo venture” was designed to attract serious domain investors, in a fun environment, in a city popular with the hipsters, beer lovers, newlyweds and Vanderbilt estate aficionados. The domainer group […]

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#Asheville tourism office declares Rick Schwartz its VIP #domain Ambassador

The Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau is grateful to the Domain King, Rick Schwartz. Rick’s recent announcement of a new, amazing domain meetup in the microbrew capital of NC has created quite the impression to the local tourism office. On Saturday morning, Rick Schwartz was officially declared the VIP Ambassador of Asheville, in the state […]

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#Domainer meetup : No, Rick Schwartz is not crazy

Kudos to Rick Schwartz for going from zero to hero with a new domain conference in Asheville, North Carolina. Essentially, Rick has created a new genre of domain meetups from scratch, using his unique approach and “joint ventures” recipe. The Domain King put down a small chunk for a classy hotel that will act as […]

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#Asheville, North Carolina : The #Domain King’s new domainerville

Hipster-friendly Asheville, is North Carolina’s hidden gem city. Overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains and home to numerous microbreweries, Asheville attracts young couples that love to smoke pot, newlyweds that exchanged vows in Little Switzerland, mature singles looking for a hookup – and now, domainers. Rick Schwartz’s announcement that he’ll be coordinating a domain investors’ gathering […]

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