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December 16, 2019 04:58

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Yun Ye Syndrome: Property Once Valued At $190,000,000. Goes For $100; Five Highly Persuasive Digital Marketing Tactics;

Oregon Hub unveils plans for leading cannabis research, production center; YouTube monetizes live streams with Super Chat; YouRent partners with large apartment operator for short-term rental; ADT security adds voice control through Amazon: ‘Alexa, disarm my alarm’; The Army wants to use this giant drone to resupply soldiers; Netflix’s international growth is exploding as its […]

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Rightside rejects Negari’s $5m new gTLD offer

Rightside has turned down Daniel Negari’s $5 million offer to acquire four of its new gTLDs, according to Negari. The CEO told DI via email tonight: I was looking forward to operating .Army, .Dance, .Dentist, and .Vet under the XYZ umbrella. I’m disappointed that Rightside didn’t entertain my offer, especially since I believe $5MM […]

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Yesterday’s 5 new TLD launches total about 2,500 registrations

A slow start, but some of these domains have long term potential. Five new top level domain names launched yesterday, and they combined for a total registration base of just 2,500 after the end of the “zone day”. This includes sunrise and landrush, plus the initial hours of general availability. Donuts’ .healthcare ended the day […]

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Loose Lips Sink Ships: are new military domain names dangerous?

In this post, Joseph Peterson questions if new .navy, .army and .airforce domain names could be a security issue for the U.S. military. This little article of mine may make me some enemies at Rightside, the registry behind the recently released TLDs .ARMY, .AIRFORCE, and .NAVY. However, I have no ax to grind. Far from […]

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How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30; Say ‘Meow’ to the Next Crop of Million Dollar Viral Animal Superstars

PLUS: New gTLDs – Invest in the Right Domain Name for Your Business; 3 Signs You’re Too Smart for Your Job; Collecting on Man’s $50B Bet w/ Russian President Vladimir Putin; Starbucks Adds Smoothies to Boost Afternoon Sales; The Army Wants To 3D-Print Food; 3 Ways to Tell When a Customer Is Ready to Be […]

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