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October 17, 2019 16:23

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Cache of 25 LLLL .com domains stolen from a GoDaddy account

It’s time to emphasize, once again, one important action for domain investors: Enabling two factor authentication when your domain registrar allows it, can save your domains. In the case of a newly disclosed domain theft, 25 four letter (LLLL) .com domains were stolen from a GoDaddy account. Their owner utilized two factor authentication for a […]

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Top 10 security questions to safeguard your domain registrar password

Domain theft is rampant. Thanks to mostly Chinese cyberthieves wanting to steal your 10-digit domains that begin with 8888, or your XYQJ “junk letter” .coms, your domains are in danger. Two-factor authentication is important to have but not all domain registrars provide it. In cases where two-factor authentication is not available, the next best thing […]

Read more drops Verisign VIP Access for Google Authenticator announced that it’s switching its two-factor authentication system, from that of Verisign VIP Access, to the Google Authenticator app. The change is effective on March 5th. According to the email notifying customers of this change: is changing its Two-Step Verification service on March 5, 2015. On that date Verisign credentials will be […]

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GoDaddy SMS breaks new record in two-factor authentication

GoDaddy, the biggest domain registrar in the world, takes domain security very seriously. After quickly scrambling to patch a security flaw last week, GoDaddy has now enabled Ultra Fast Two Factor Authentication (UFTFA) for all US-based customers. The introduction of UFTFA provides all accounts with nearly instant dispatch and delivery of SMS/text messages upon account […]

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Domain Guardians of the Galaxy: Andee Hill joins special league of Avengers

Alpha Cygni – Stardate 68094.7 – For immediate release: Domain escrow officer, Andee Hill, has joined the special league of avengers, Domain Guardians of the Galaxy. The officer of joins fellow officer Gregg McNair in an expert unit that will fight galactic cybercrime. Along with Mike Robertson and Ammar Kubba, they are preparing for […]

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