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August 22, 2019 04:35

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Your Internal Culture Is Your Brand; $2,400 Can Get You $150,000 Worth of Media Attention

The “Quantum Internet” Is Just a Decade Away. Here’s What You Need to know; Apple has a surprising new growth engine spends almost $3 billion on self-driving and AR; 149,513 Emails Are Sent Every Minute: Here’s How to Get Someone to Read yours; Your Guide to the Best Rooftop Bars around Miami Open options for […]

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"Meatless" Impossible Burger’s ‘Secret Sauce’; This Is How Big Oil Will Die

“I invested early in Google and Facebook and regret it”; The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Audio; The Future Is Ticking: VR, AR, MR, Haptics…Trends or Fads?  Millions of Australian domain name owners ‘ripped off’; Advertisers want in on YouTube’s fastest-growing audience; Here’s why acquiring Snapchat would […]

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Will the Meta 2 accelerate the adoption of augmented reality?

When you think of augmented reality your mind might immediately go to Nintendo’s hit smartphone game, Pokemon Go. While yes, this is technically augmented reality, there’s a whole other type of AR our there that most people have never tried, heck many people don’t really know it exists. Right now many people think of AR […]

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Reflections on a truly incredible week and a glimpse into the future of commerce

Well I think I may have broken a record for my longest streak without a blog post at six days without writing. It was a strange feeling but we did something this week that consumed absolutely every waking minute, meaning that my life had no balance, just one singular focus – it was awesome, and […]

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