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January 27, 2020 21:40

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Did Climate-Deniers Kill Life On Mars? and… Queen Elizabeth Seeks Social Media Expert

Today: Queen Elizabeth, Social Media, Kylie Jenner, Programatic Out of Home Advertising, Apple-China, Mars Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives (satire) A one-two punch of slowing iPhone sales and rising trade tensions is going to batter Apple in the near-term, but things should be ok in […]

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The Power of Naming: The Luckiest Domain On Earth

MUST READ GREAT ARTICLE “The Power of Naming” by end -user. Also remember when I said the best 3-D names would not have 3-D in them? Today a case in point Hershey’s CocoJetPrinter plus… $5500 Flippa Website Sale Formula = Business + AdSense Sites… plus… Apple Pay is coming to 200,000 vending machines, kiosks, and parking […]

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