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January 27, 2020 20:58

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Rebranding The American Man; Top 400 Billionaires’ Wealth Rises to $3.896 Trillion

How to Double Your Traffic Without Paying Google or Facebook a Cent ; Why The Amazon Echo Is The iPhone Of The Smart Home; Under Armour’s CEO Just Hinted at How His Company Can Grow to $7 Billion by 2018; Twelve ways to seem smarter by email; Make Your Work Matter: Why Your Website Is […]

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Amazon’s Who What Wear (.com); The Self-Reliant Generation

Over $6.8 Million In Bids For NamesCon 2016 Live and Online Domain Name Auction; Biz Stone Is Bringing Jelly Back; How Bhavin Turakhia is trying to disrupt corporate meal voucher business; People Buy Stories Before They Buy Stuff; U.S. Marshals Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES; NYC’s Subway Will Get WiFi, USB Chargers, and Mobile Tickets […]

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What does Apple buying car-related domain names tell us?

Like a virtual wave making its way across the Internet news broke today that Apple bought a number of car-related domain names like and We’ve known for a while now that Apple is working on their own car but these registration sparked rumors that we could be approaching a time where Apple jumps […]

Read more on a Roll; @$145 Forecast- Apple Shares Could Return 25% in a Year; 3D Printed Gamepad Uses Bluefruit EZ-Key Module

The Apple car: What we know; Did Lenovo choose profit over reputation? These 3 Tests Reveal How Happy You Are At Work; Billion Dollar Unicorns: The Market Awaits Etsy’s IPO; “Shark Tank’ investor Kevin O’Leary assigns almost everyone one of 5 money..Google’s new CAPTCHA security login raises ‘legitimate privacy concerns’; Move to one-touch checkout boosts […]

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Critics Be Damned: Today it’s All About Apple (and China- not making but buying)

When I told you apple had tons more runway at $96 critics told me “Owen this is a five-year old story with you, move on!” It’s at $122 two moths later! The second chapter in the history of Apple is about to be written and it will far exceed the first both in terms of revenue, and […]

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