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February 17, 2020 00:57

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Rick Schwartz comes up with a fifteen point list detailing why .APP is a buy for domain investors

As many of you know by now, Rick hasn’t been a huge fan of the new gTLD program, he sees a lot of the new domain extensions as junk and has warned investors to stop flushing their money down the toilet buying them. At the same time, Rick is a fan of .APP, which certainly […]

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.APP domains are available for register and they include a FREE SSL certificate.

.APP domains now available for register (includes a FREE SSL certificate)

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That $1million sale might be legit

Well the news we reported on about yesterday might ( I SAID MIGHT) just be true. now forwards to (of course a redirect does not mean a sale took place), a Chinese based social app geared toward the gay community. Blued has received over $131 million in funding. Early this morning someone […]

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Here we go again, sold?

Looks like .App is now getting it’s first “supposed big sale” moment. Let me make clear there is no verification of this sale and it’s being written about more from a what the heck? point of view. If it turns out to be legit we will find out, the organization being mentioned should want to […]

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.App domains can now be listed at Sedo

One of the problems with .app domains is the https requirement and some websites would not list them. Sedo has now updated their offerings and you can list .app domains. They tweeted today: 📯 As promised: .APP domains can now be listed for sale at Sedo 📯 Good luck selling everyone! — Sedo (@Sedo) […]

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To anyone trying to sell all the .APP domains they just bought…good luck

So I have been contacted by a handful of people since I started writing about .APP, all have registered a long list of .APP names, and they’re looking to sell. As you guys probably know by now, I’m a nice guy (or at least I try to be) so I respond and take a look […]

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The #Domain King is gearing .app

Rick Schwartz broke his domain blogging silence once again, right after the launch of dot .app, a new gTLD managed by Google. The Domain King has been an outspoken non-supporter of fringe new domain extensions, such as dot .horse. Although most new gTLD extensions are far superior to the Domain King’s .horse paradigm, they seem […]

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Jen Sale of Evergreen – DNW Podcast #185

With two decades of experience in the domain business, Jen Sale shares her perspective on the current market. This week on the DNW podcast we talk with Jen Sale, a long-time fixture in the domain name industry who now runs the domain name brokerage Evergreen. We talk about how the domain industry has evolved over […]

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With the launch of .APP I think the value of .COM domains ending in “app” will decrease

Okay, I’ll start by making it very clear that this is only my opinion. Google is not a sponsor of my blog (although it would be pretty cool if they were!), nor am I someone that thinks .APP is a great investment as a Domainer. That being said, I have seen too many people over […]

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Customers pay stiff premiums to register domains early. Google released the .app domain name to the general public yesterday–if they were willing to pay a hefty fee. The so-called Early Access Period (EAP) for .app domain names started at 16:00Z yesterday. This Dutch auction starts with high registration fees that drop ever time. Most registrars […]

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