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April 6, 2020 21:18

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.APP domains are available for register and they include a FREE SSL certificate.

.APP domains now available for register (includes a FREE SSL certificate)

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Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names

Buyers will have a difficult time contacting you. Over 150,000 .App domain names have already been registered. While some of these are being put to use, domain name investors are certainly a big reason the numbers are so high. People wishing to sell their .app domains are going to face a challenge. This challenge goes […]

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Customers pay stiff premiums to register domains early. Google released the .app domain name to the general public yesterday–if they were willing to pay a hefty fee. The so-called Early Access Period (EAP) for .app domain names started at 16:00Z yesterday. This Dutch auction starts with high registration fees that drop ever time. Most registrars […]

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