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February 17, 2020 16:17

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Help Ammar Kubba make $2 million dollars with this #domain name!

This is your chance to help a fellow domain investor make $2 million dollars, and the transaction involves a domain name – then again it doesn’t. How’s that possible? 😀 Ammar Kubba is popular for his involvement in the domain industry and DomainTools in particular. Now, Ammar’s goal is to make – almost – $2 […]

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I, Kubba : HugeDomains grabs Ammar’s .com

With more than 2.5 million domains under management, HugeDomains is probably the biggest private domain portfolio holder in the world. Quite often, they go after domain names that drop, and they operate DropCatch, NameBright (and BrightName) along with domain news aggregator, NameBee. Ammar Kubba, popular domain investor and entrepreneur, shared a funny story today: HugeDomains […]

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Total Domainer Strangers : Ammar Kubba’s new domain investment venture is a big hit in California

Inspired by a recent incident involving an Uber driver, domain investor Ammar Kubba is launching a new venture, Total Domainer Strangers Inc. The Thought Convergence founder explains how inviting an Uber driver for a movie changed his life: “I like to push my comfort zone. After our Uber ride was over, my wife and I […]

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Domain bachelor no more : Ammar Kubba is tying the knot!

Ammar Kubba, one of the domain industry’s most elusive bachelors, ends his long tenure today. The founder of Thought Convergence has a brand new focus in his life: wife-to-be Josephine, to whom he’s been engaged for a while. Josephine and Ammar are tying the proverbial knot later today, skipping domains and investing in a lifetime […]

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TRAFFIC 2008 : Gator disaster almost hit domain conference!

The sad news of a child being dragged by an alligator into the waters, on Disney property, is devastating. The two year old played at night, in an area that resembles a sandy beach, wading in shallow water. The incident brought back memories of a near disaster that occurred in 2008, during the Orlando TRAFFIC […]

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Ammar Kubba : Furious domain ventures!

Domain investor, Ammar Kubba is always working on new, exciting domain ventures; after the Nintendo video game launch with brother Omar, he’s already onto something bigger: Hollywood. “Ever since I was a teenager, sporting a full head of dark hair, I wanted to star in a movie,” said Ammar Kubba. “My biggest dream was to […]

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Ammar Kubba : Ready to retire after astronomical offer for arrives

Very few domains can be as popular for their generic qualities, as The aromatic, alcoholic beverage has been brewed for thousands of years, and while the ancient Egyptians drank it lukewarm, we know better these days. Ammar Kubba, founder of Thought Convergence, just so happens to own and according to a tongue-in-cheek announcement, […]

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Ammar Kubba : Domain bachelor no more!

Even the most persistent bachelors eventually give in, and domain investor Ammar Kubba celebrated the loss of his bachelor status this past weekend. The Thought Convergence CEO gave plenty of thought to this, proposing to girlfriend Josephine during a romantic trip to Paris. France is one of the best places to propose – according to […]

Read more : Ammar Kubba returns domain to French photojournalist Ammar Abd Rabbo

Domain investor Ammar Kubba‘s initial shock, after discovering that the newly acquired domain was stolen, didn’t last long. Kubba acquired the domain ‘in good faith’, after its seller assured the broker handling the exchange, that the domain had been in his possession legitimately. Ultimately, award-winning French photojournalist, Ammar Abd Rabbo responded in public about […]

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Ammar Kubba buys domain

Popular domain investor, Ammar Kubba, announced the acquisition of the domain name Currently forwarding to his About.Me page, the domain name changed hands today, after being sold apparently by French-Syrian journalist and photographer, Ammar Abd Rabbo. Kubba did not disclose the sum he paid for acquiring his first name in a dot .com; it […]

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