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February 20, 2020 05:05

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Facebook Cracks Down on ‘Fat-Finger’ Accidental Ad Clicks; Google’s New Unwanted Feature

Facebook and Google Algorithms Are the New ‘Useful Idiots’; 10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone; HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better? Facebook Offers Targeted Real Estate Ads; Meet the man behind R/GA’s Twitter account; Musk revs up Tesla bond buyers, raises $600M in a few hours; How to […]

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$5 Million for a Super Bowl Ad. Another Million or More to Market the Ad. Domains That Commands Recall: Priceless!

Why you can’t become an industry expert anymore; The pursuit of irrelevance in the age of abundance and algorithms; How to stop arguing and actually change someone’s mind on social media; How Uber is Paying the Price for Being Tone Deaf in the Age of Trump; Lagging On Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s How To […]

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