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January 18, 2018 02:03

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This GoDaddy Premium Domain change could help you sell a lot more domains

GoDaddy is testing how it displays domain names listed for sale through Afternic/GoDaddy Premium Listings. I received an offer on Sedo for one of my domain names this morning. Whenever I receive an offer on a domain, my first stop is GoDaddy where I search for the domain to see if I have a “buy […]

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How to Sell More Domains with Adam Strong – DNW Podcast #158

Learn what Adam Strong is doing to increase his domain name sals. This week we talk with domain name investor Adam Strong. Strong, who owns about 15,000 domain names, explains how he has been able to increase his sales in recent months. He also discusses pricing your domain names and why he avoids zero click […]

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Afternic ups Fast Transfer max to $50,000

Afternic doubles the maximum listing price. Want to sell your domain names using Afternic’s extended partner network using Fast Transfer but don’t want to sell your domains for under $25,000? You’re in luck. Afternic has increased the maximum price for a domain to take advantage of Fast Transfer from $25,000 to $50,000. This means that […]

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Afternic : Official guide to selling domains on the aftermarket platform

Afternic is an independently operated subsidiary of GoDaddy, and a popular domain aftermarket platform. Its large inventory provides domain sellers and brand seekers, the opportunity to exchange domain names for money. Afternic scored 8/10 in our comparison review regarding user experience (UX) and it still maintains its good shine. Joe Styler, domain aftermarket product manager […]

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Domain inquiries could drop next month. Blame SSL.

Start filling out a form on for sale landers and you’ll see a “not secure” message. Yesterday I wrote about how landing page companies are adding SSL support for domains on their platforms in order to meet Google’s deadline next month. Starting next month, domain names with any sort of user submission form that don’t […]

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A lot of shady things coming to light this week

The thing about domaining is there are always people in the know on certain topics but they don’t go mainstream. It takes a post on a blog or Namepros for the majority of domain owners to see the full picture. DomainNameWire wrote about a topic today that has pissed me off for awhile and I […]

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Sedo vs. Afternic – What Performs Better For You?

This post brings me back, way back, since I actually wrote my first post comparing Sedo and Afternic back in 2007, almost ten years ago. Since then I’ve continued to use both services and while I honestly don’t see a ton of sales through either, I do get a sale here and there. Last week I […]

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Transaction Assurance : New Afternic feature explained

A few weeks ago, Afternic changed its old escrow process, introducing Transaction Assurance as a new service. Apparently, that led to a few confusing and uninformed threads over at NamePros. Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager for GoDaddy and overall great guy, put all the information together, in order to explain why Afternic implemented these changes. […]

Read more UDRP : Afternic agreement on trademarks means nothing!

The panelist handling the UDRP against, delivered a shocking decision, handing over the 17 year old domain to the Complainant. In this case brought at the WIPO, the Complainant is Connecting Open Time, LLC of Lewisville, Texas, that adopted and first started using the OPENTIME trademark in or about November 2014, when it launched […]

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The good, the bad and the ugly – Afternic

“The good, the bad and the ugly” An opportunity for readers to discuss what they like and don’t like about a particular company in the domain space. Each post will deal with just one company, readers are encouraged to share their positive and negative experiences. Suggestions for improvement are also encouraged. One of the goals […]

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