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September 23, 2019 00:32

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Worldwide Media wins: UDRP on decided for the Respondent

Worldwide Media, a company owned by popular domain investor, Mike Berkens, has won a UDRP filed at the WIPO against the domain The case involved two prominent intellectual property attorneys, the Randazza Legal Group for the Complainant, who owns and John Berryhill for the Respondent. When the adult industry is involved in a […]

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XXX domain cash: Really Useful grabs and for $750,000

A new Press Release from the ICM Registry, managers of the adult TLD, dot .XXX announced the sale of and for $750,000 dollars. JT, Chairman of Really Useful and formerly a founding member of, has acquired the keyword category leading domains and for an all cash deal of $750,000 USD. […]

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Domainer becomes adult performer to claim .XXX domain from Registry

Donny McStugal, a domainer from Scotland, has found a novel way to claim his .XXX domain name from the ICM Registry. “After I saw me name being held by the Registry, I asked them lads, what it takes to get me name in .XXX aye?” says Donny, a dental assistant in Edinburgh and part time […]

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Panini Sisters introduce adult domaining to XXX crowds

Marina and Louisa Panini are sisters; the 22 and 23 year olds from Calabria in South Italy, are adult performers that have appeared in more than 75 adult entertainment films produced by XXXCoredump Productions. Although often confused as being twins when sitting down, the Panini Sisters are about to take the domain world by storm. […]

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