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January 19, 2020 16:07

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Google bans pop-unders as the source of AdSense ads

Google has banned the serving of annoying pop-under ads as the originating source of AdSense ads. Pop-unders are web browser sessions that are displayed behind a visitor’s active window, and appear once that window closes, revealing ads or other content. Google now bans all AdSense content from being monetized, when served via pop-unders, or from […]

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Oingo sale : Play games or make millions? The choice is yours

Playing games can be a form of distraction from day to day duties and obligations. And it’s all cool. A game of “Defender,” however, cost its player millions of dollars, after he turned down a business offer, in 2000. Entrepreneur and author, James Altucher, explains how that happened: I was running a $125 million dollar […]

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‘We’re Working on Time Travel’; 3 Millennial Founders on What Really Makes Their Generation Tick

Is online fraud about to spike?  Three Reasons Bloggers Should Avoid AdSense Banners; Why You Should Hire Employees Who Won’t Do What They’re Told; The One Person The CMO Can’t Live Without; The inside story of how $1 billion Evernote went from Silicon Valley darling to deep trouble; You Have The Traffic. Now What? – […]

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Cuddle Business is Growing; Social Media: 10 Big Questions For Skeptical CEOs

This Man Is Furious At Google For Taking Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From His AdSense…; A Slick Macintosh Design, Inspired by the Very First Mac of All Time; Salespeople are being replaced by search engines and social media.” How Hackers Crack Supposedly Secure and Private APIs; Why We Prefer Founding CEOs.. and.. Google Opens […]

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Lawsuit Accuses Google of AdSense Fraud; dot Club In The News

“You cannot get away with bullshit anymore,” says Landor chief strategy officer -Enter TMI; Why Business Owners Should Know the Value of Their Business; LA schools’ beleaguered, billion dollar iPad project under FBI investigation; 5 Reasons Our Universe Might Actually Be Virtual Reality; SoloSelfie Goes Viral for Beats in a Week When Repeats Ruled; Why […]

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AdSense adds new currency feature in performance reports

AdSense just added a feature that gives all publishers the option to view website and domain name performance reports in a variety of currencies. The currency can be any other than the payment currency. This feature is already available and can be used when selling a domain name or website to someone that is in […]

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