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January 21, 2020 05:59

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HyphBot : How Adform discovered the ad scam botnet

Hyphbot is a bot network that generated more than $500,000 dollars a day, by forwarding traffic to its money-making videos. The network faked the originating source of traffic, making advertisers believe they were buying traffic from legitimate resources on major networks. Traffic fraud costs billions of dollars to advertisers every year, and HyphBot is one […]

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HyphBot : Ad scam used 34,000 domains to reap $500,000 dollars daily

A sophisticated scam involving 34,000 domains reaped up to $500,000 dollars in advertiser’s traffic, a day! Bot traffic driven by cybercriminals created more than a million URLs, in an attempt to fool advertisers into buying ad traffic that supposedly originated from big publishers. This technique is called “domain spoofing,” and the bot traffic was then […]

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