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August 22, 2019 04:40

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Bitcoin Will Eventually Be The Single Global Currency; Quick Thoughts About The Facebook Scandal

Today: The Facebook problem; Bitcoin, Viagra, Peak Domaining; Aging Avatars, Looking smarter at work and the problem with ad agencies Facebook has lost the plot “Facebook doesn’t just have an image problem; Facebook has a self-awareness problem.” Every company loses perspective at some point, but only the best know what it takes to step back […]

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What’s in a name? and.. Owners Sometimes Hate the Small Businesses They Used to Love

Cryptocurrency is an enriching prospect for those who ask the right questions; The 9 highest-paying jobs for millennials; Nike downsizing from 30,000 retail partners to 40; 50,000 drivers needed: Can technology save the trucking industry? Former Blackrock exec to raise $250M to invest in pot businesses; Gmail add-ons put tools like Trello and QuickBooks in […]

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3 Roles You Should Play on a Sales Call; This Isn’t Crying Wolf: Your Job Is On The Line

The Ad Agency of the Future Is Coming. Are You Ready? Machines will take white-collar jobs during the next administration; A  Google executive creative director explains what he does for a living and why it’s nothing; You Think You Have Free Will? Science Says Think Again; Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto; How […]

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Agencies Are Putting Themselves Out Of Business; E-Divorce Is Here; 20 Networking Tips

Uber driver strike; The $195 Florida oceanfront Mansion: Not much margin here for sea rise- priceless! Emerson Student Who Rented Out His Dorm Room on Airbnb Faces Dismissal; Coding bootcamps are getting so competitive that there’s now a $3,000 prep program; Google’s reportedly using experimental tech to deliver 5G internet from solar-powered drones; What 25 […]

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My web designer just didn’t “get” my business; Gets you drunk without serving a single drink.

Working for Amazon Sounds Utterly Soul Crushing; Lights, Camera, Liftoff: Drone Film Fest Coming To San Francisco; Apple is upgrading the Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard; Death of the brand. Birth of the people; How Young Entrepreneurs Can Establish Credibility; Why this former exec ditched Facebook to drag ad agencies into the 21st century; Google […]

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