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October 14, 2019 10:25

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How a single Whois complaint got this registrar shitcanned

A British registrar has had its ICANN contract terminated after a lengthy, unprecedented fight instigated by a single complaint about the accuracy of a single domain’s Whois. Astutium, based in London and with about 5,000 gTLD domains under management, finally lost its right to sell gTLD domains last week, after an angry battle with ICANN […]

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Survey says most Whois records “accurate”

Ninety-seven percent of Whois records contain working email addresses and/or phone numbers, according to the results of an ongoing ICANN survey. The organization yesterday published the second of its now-biannual WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System reports, a weighty document stuffed with facts and figures about the reliability of Whois records. It found, not for the first […]

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Registrants guilty until proven innocent, say UK cops

UK police have stated an eyebrow-raising “guilty until proven innocent” point of view when it comes to domain name registrations, in comments filed recently with ICANN. In a Governmental Advisory Committee submission (pdf) to a review of the Whois accuracy rules in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement, unspecified “UK law enforcement” wrote: Internet governance efforts by […]

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Verisign adds 750,000 .com names instantly with reporting change

Verisign has boosted its reportable .com domain count by almost 750,000 by starting to count expired and suspended names. The change in methodology, which is be a by-product of ICANN’s much more stringent Whois accuracy regime, happened on Friday afternoon. Before the change, the company reported on its web site that there were 116,788,107 domains […]

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