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January 27, 2020 22:12

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DomainKing.NG : Indian company’s Nigerian customers in limbo for two weeks

DomainKing.NG, allegedly the top domain registrar in Nigeria, has failed to provide basic support to its Nigerian customers, for the past two weeks. Based in Punjab, India, two of DomainKing.NG’s officers were arrested earlier in February on a variety of charges. Pune City police arrested the DomainKing.NG founders on fraud charges, but the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism […]

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.CO: How To Turn An Unknown Domain Extension Into a Household Name? Marketing With A Capital "M"

Page and Brin Made About $8 Billion Yesterday; Meet Shark Tank’s Newest Sharks; Is Donald Trump Pulling A Nigerian 419 Scam? (What a GREAT post, James Altucher– “Does it work? Of course it does. 419-ers made $13 billion last year. And every year.” id you know that. I didn’t. Both prove, and same applies to […]

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Nigerian Senator wants to protect us from ‘419 scam’ fraudsters

We all detest spam, and even if it supposedly arrives from multi-billionaire, Bill Gates, such scam emails are a waste of time. The fun side of it lies in the extent that such email fraudsters go, to devise legitimate-sounding situations. One such fun example is this email we received from a supposed Nigerian Senator. This […]

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Miracle? An 89 year old widow is Internet savvy!

Somehow one does not expect octogenarians to be Internet savvy. My almost 80 year old mom never got to set up the VCR past its blinking clock state, and it’s now obsolete. You can forget about her using email. But look at this remarkable story of Mrs Mary Shauna, still active on the Internet at […]

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Nigerian entrepreneurs thrive on news of Internet gTLD expansion

So far, the Internet namespace expansion appears to be a monumental venture into the gold mines of the early 90′s, when the dot .com era was in its infancy. More than 20 years have passed, and the evolution of the TLDs as gTLDs continues to thrive, creating explosive new markets in its wake. One such […]

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