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June 17, 2019 08:35

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1999 Called, They Want Their Website Back; What Scares Mark Cuban

PLUS: Don’t Hire Superstars. Create Them.; Humans Need Not Apply – How Robots Will Take Over the Economy; Don’t Hire Superstars: Apple Sells 4M iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Pre-Orders In Opening 24 Hour (hiding from them Bulging Camera Lens another U2 Move); Search Engine Marketing Test: New gTLD Versus .Com Domain Names (Impressive!); Disruption and the […]

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More on Life’s 2030 Expiry: Asteroid heading towards Earth in 2032 could mean the end

PLUS- 3-D To Replace Man’s skull; Apple even Sept 9 wins patent on Cube Sotrefront; Gems TV Founder: Why I Sold Then Bought Back My Own Business; Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not Around! Why Android desperately needs a billion dollar success story and has one PORN! Why Recruiters Definitively […]

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SelfieToaster (.com) Now You Can Take A Selfie and Eat It Too

Well, folks, it’s come to this – it’s now possible to put your selfie on toast. CNN’s Jeanne Moos pops out of the toaster. The Vermont man who makes the toaster has a lot more plates and needs a brand and domain for all so pay attention. As if you needed more proof to my […]

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Schwartz Versus Schilling Versus Reality: Tulips, Bubbles and End of World Investing Strategies

I don’t understand what  Mr. Schilling is doing (or why), but I also blogged here that of all those doing it, he’s the only person I know well-enough to know given his name choices and the years of hands-on experience and data collections that drives them, he has a better chance of succeeding than most. […]

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