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October 17, 2019 18:26

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Even Grandma Wants In: Nearing $10,000, Millions of Bitcoin Newbies Find It Through A Single APP

What happens if the world runs out of water? A record $6.59 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday, Driven by Mobile; Blockchain Governance: Programming Our Future; Where bitcoin goes next after hitting $10,000; Does cellphone-sweeping “StingRay” technology go too far? Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts “To Enhance User Safety; […]

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Welcome to 2017 : Amazing things are happening in the domain industry !

Happy New Year! Our best wishes for a healthy, productive, fruitful 2017. Amazing things are happening in the domain industry already, and here are our predictions for the 12 months ahead: Domain Chips will dominate 99% of all transactions, to the point that a large Chinese conglomerate will acquire GoDaddy, and thus, NamesCon. Throughout 2017, […]

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Best Christmas EVER: Amazon Shipped A Record 1 Billion Items– Watch How They Do It

Your Metro stop or bus route could soon be named after a corporate sponsor; In 2017, you have a choice that can break or make your brand – you can go deep or go broad; Brands Must Increase Certainty In Uneasy Times; Brands Tap Into Emotion for the 5 Most Engaging Facebook Posts of 2016; […]

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