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October 17, 2019 17:59

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Donald Trump Gives Veterans A Quick Hand Job

“We acquire thousands a year, and it’s smart,” Eric Trump said of the web addresses. “It’s just a smart thing to do, and it’s a great way to protect yourself.” At some point yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump hastily hand-registered and forwarded it to a site that accept donations earmarked for Donald J. Trump Foundation, […]

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Clinton Domain Redirects to Trump Site Where "Self-Funded" Candidate Begs For Contributions (Phishing By EMD’s Real Owner?)

Thinking beyond dot #com; How To Choose the Right Domain Suffix For Your Website;The Internet Shouldn’t Run on Dirty Energy; Mashable could be for sale for as much as $300 million; Marketers, It’s Time to Ditch the Impression Metric; 3D printing promises to revolutionize just about every facet of our lives, and in 2015, that […]

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Talking Testicles (.com); Inside Info On TED Talks Can Help Speakers With Nervousness

The Best Digital Marketing Tactics From the Current Election; Are Good Doctors Bad for Your Health? How Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Mentors Successful Startups; Bubbles, Bitcoin, and the Future of the CHIPS Economy; 27 Awesome Gifts for Entrepreneurs and.. NASDAQ: AAPL- Apple Stock Has HUGE Upside Again The Best Digital Marketing Tactics From the Current […]

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Could Google Steal The Presidency? Criminals Manipulating The Market – Regulators Can’t Stop It

Sell Outcomes, Explain Methodology; Google Puts Exec Behind ‘Buy Button’ in Charge of Express Delivery Service; Vice Media Writers Vote To Unionize; Who Are Your Gatekeepers? This Email May Be Worth Millions of Dollars in Sales; Why top sales people quit; Understanding The Future Of Mobility; Responsive or Adaptive: Which is Better For Your Mobile […]

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Ca’ Ching! Rent A Crowd (.com)- Crowd-Sizing For Presidential Hopefuls

From LibertyChat: Did you listen to Jeb Bush make his announcement yesterday? Did you hear loud cheers from a crowd that seemed excited at the prospect that there could be another Bush as President? Was I the only one confused? I don’t know one person who doesn’t threaten to leave the Country if it’s Bush […]

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JEB! Launches Without….. (well you know)

This is a rare case where his first name is the initials for his full name John Ellis “Jeb” Bush — parents might want to think about such LLL branding when naming future children but it will cost them dearly if available from the Chinese. A shame. Noticed the same logo from his Gubernatorial campaign […]

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