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December 15, 2018 00:54

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What REALLY Happened Hillary: You Were Analog and They Were Digital Using Facebook to Win White House

Should Robots be taxed like employees? Danny Sullivan Joins Google; Humans will upload their brains to computers to become IMMORTAL sooner than you think; What Will the Workplace of the Future Look Like?;  A happiness researcher has found that there are four keys to a fulfilling job; bpost acquires Radial, formerly eBay enterprise, for $820M […]

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A Friend Writes: "Finally, a Domain Savvy Rino at the Top of the GOP!!"

He continues…. “Thousands of anti-Trump web domains squatted by Trump himself. I’m shocked Trump was tech savvy!!  SHOCKED!!” I respond: “He has been into domains even before running even has clinton ones He should it’s “digital” real estate. The prices the good ones are commanding now are unbelievable. Then I go back through my blog […]

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Trumps VP Pick Obvious From Studying Domain Registrations; iOS App Store exceeds $71 billion

Pokémon Go is doing what few apps can – driving real-world traffic and has added $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value in just two days; As publishers see rising returns on video, Facebook is getting more of their ad; The State Of DevOps: Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Culture; HELP! I’m Not Creative! Find […]

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The Name Game: Why Your "Unusual" Name May Land You That ….

JebBush.Com Redirects to Trump; How Not To Disgrace Yourself At The Office Holiday Party: A Handy Guide; Smith & Wesson Soars to Highest Since 2007 on Gun Control Talk; 12 Inconvenient Truths That Smart People Easily Forget; Priceline is the one big internet comeback attempt that actually worked; How Not To Disgrace Yourself At The […]

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