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November 19, 2019 12:47

Old School SEO methods that still work

Old School SEO tools that workGoogle’s recent updates spread fear, uncertain and doubt among webmasters. Which SEO tactics can you still use to build back-links to your web and which tactics should you not use ?

There are some old-school search engine optimization tactics that still work if you do it right.

1. Forum backlinks

How not to do it:

Automatically created forum backlinks are a sure way to get a Google penalty. There have been many tools and services that automatically created forum accounts with keyword rich links that pointed to the websites of the user. These links do not work anymore.

 How to do it right:

If a high quality forum is closely related to the topic of your website, a link from that forum can still have a positive influence on the search engine positions of your web pages.

2. Directories

How not to do it:

Bulk submitting your website to directories that will accept any kind of website won’t do your rankings any good.

How to do it right:

If your website is listed in a high quality directory that delivers targeted visitors to your website, you should submit your site to that directory. Links from authorative directories (including niche directories) with strict submission guidelines are good for your website.

3. Guest blogging

How not do to it:

Using the same article on several blogs doesn’t work. Using keyword rich links in that article might even trigger a Google penalty. If the main purpose of guest blogging is getting links, don’t do it.

How to do it right:

Guest blogging can drive targeted visitors to your website if you write for blogs that are related to your business. Your guest blog article should offer the readers of the blog insights or other valuable information. Individual articles on related blogs can have a positive influence on your website’s performance.

4. Link pages

How not to do it:

If your link pages contain links to every Tom, Dick and Harry, chances are that these link pages won’t be good for your site.

How to do it right:

highly themed link pages that contain links to closely related high quality websites are good for website visitors and search engines.

It’s easy: spamming doesn’t work anymore, building real back-links works better than ever before.

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