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November 19, 2019 15:23

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.Bayern & .Sydney domains ready for registration

New domain extensions .BAYERN & .SYDNEY ready for registration.

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Be a Reseller

  Let put you in the red-hot domain name registration and Internet business. We’ve done the heavy lifting — product development, customer support, infrastructure — we’ve even built your Web site. So take your business live on the Internet and start earning money TODAY!         100% Turnkey website solution with lots […]

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“Mobilegeddon” is here and it is not as bad as expected

Google released a new ranking algorithm that changes the way web pages are ranked in Google’s mobile results. According to Google, web pages that do not display correctly on mobile phones, will get lower rankings than before.

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We’re hard at work bringing you new domain extension registration. Here’s the latest batch: .faith, .date, .review, .gold, .golf, .tours, .plus, .express, .cafe, .site, .news.

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NEW (and faster) VPS and dedicated servers

We are happy to announce that our new VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Server plans are now available for you to along with a performance boost.

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50% discount code for Domaining 2015 conference in Valencia/Spain

For those who still do not have their ticket for the Domaining 2015 conference in Valencia/Spain 23-25 April.
Here is your 50% voucher code !

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Share or not share, the decision is not yours anymore!


The latest Facebook terms change allow now FB and third parties to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices where you use Facebook. This is not limited to your Facebook page and shared information. It’s just everything that is stored on your computer or mobile phone.

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Domaining 2015 conference in Valencia/Spain 23-25 April.

Domaining Europe

The new domains will be the “staring” topic of many of the sessions and workshops at Domaining 2015 conference. The meeting will bring together more than 150 domainers and 20 of the greatest experts in domains sector from around the world.

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Google: What when one page has two links to the same URL ?

What impact would two links on a page pointing to the same target, each using different anchor text, have on PageRank & SEO ?

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New gTLD domain name extensions available!

New gTLDs domain registration

Please take a look at your new domain gTLD inventory. We have added another 22 TLDs for you as part of your .SERVICES and .CONSULTING practices.

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